Tile Redi Redi Trench Double Curb Shower Pan


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Tile Redi Redi Trench Double Curb Shower Pan. Available in left and right drain positions and three drain grate styles. Choose drain position, grate style, and shower pan size below.



The Tile Redi Redi Trench Double Curb Shower Pan is fabricated as a one-piece, leak proof shower pan with integrated curbs, splash walls, and 2″ PVC drain. The Redi Trench Shower Pan features a molded-in linear trench drain and is available in three drain grate styles. The shower base also features Plank Pitch and is pre-pitched for perfect water drainage.Tile Redi shower pans are made out of a rugged polyurethane with ribs underneath for added strength.

Each shower pan is tile ready, meaning you can set tile directly on the surface of the shower pan with no additional waterproofing. Tile Redi Shower Pans are easy to install whether you are a contractor or do-it-yourselfer, and a 1/8″ Trowel can be used during installation depending on the tile, marble, or stone being used. Each shower pan includes Redi Poxy epoxy adhesive and selected drain grate style. The shower base depth is measured from the front of the curb to the outside of the back splash wall. In addition, all Tile Redi shower pans comply with all national and local plumbing codes and are UL listed. RT3048LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3060LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3260LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3360LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3448LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3460LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3642LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3660LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3672LDR-PVC-SQBN RT4242LDR-PVC-SQBN RT4248LDR-PVC-SQBN RT4260LDR-PVC-SQBN RT4860LDR-PVC-SQBN RT4872LDR-PVC-SQBN RT3048LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3060LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3260LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3360LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3448LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3460LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3642LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3660LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3672LDR-PVC-SQPC RT4242LDR-PVC-SQPC RT4248LDR-PVC-SQPC RT4260LDR-PVC-SQPC RT4860LDR-PVC-SQPC RT4872LDR-PVC-SQPC RT3048LDR-PVC-TBN RT3060LDR-PVC-TBN RT3260LDR-PVC-TBN RT3360LDR-PVC-TBN RT3448LDR-PVC-TBN RT3460LDR-PVC-TBN RT3642LDR-PVC-TBN RT3660LDR-PVC-TBN RT3672LDR-PVC-TBN RT4242LDR-PVC-TBN RT4248LDR-PVC-TBN RT4260LDR-PVC-TBN RT4860LDR-PVC-TBN RT4872LDR-PVC-TBN RT3048RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3060RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3260RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3360RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3448RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3460RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3642RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3660RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3672RDL-PVC-SQBN RT4242RDL-PVC-SQBN RT4248RDL-PVC-SQBN RT4260RDL-PVC-SQBN RT4860RDL-PVC-SQBN RT4872RDL-PVC-SQBN RT3048RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3060RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3260RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3360RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3448RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3460RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3642RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3660RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3672RDL-PVC-SQPC RT4242RDL-PVC-SQPC RT4248RDL-PVC-SQPC RT4260RDL-PVC-SQPC RT4860RDL-PVC-SQPC RT4872RDL-PVC-SQPC RT3048RDL-PVC-TBN RT3060RDL-PVC-TBN RT3260RDL-PVC-TBN RT3360RDL-PVC-TBN RT3448RDL-PVC-TBN RT3460RDL-PVC-TBN RT3642RDL-PVC-TBN RT3660RDL-PVC-TBN RT3672RDL-PVC-TBN RT4242RDL-PVC-TBN RT4248RDL-PVC-TBN RT4260RDL-PVC-TBN RT4860RDL-PVC-TBN RT4872RDL-PVC-TBN

Additional information

Drain Position

Left Drain, Right Drain

Grate Style

Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Tileable Top

Shower Pan Dimensions

30" D x 48" W, 30" D x 60" W, 32" D x 60" W, 33" D x 60" W, 34" D x 48" W, 34" D x 60" W, 36" D x 42" W, 36" D x 60" W, 36" D x 72" W, 42" D x 42" W, 42" D x 48" W, 42" D x 60" W, 48" D x 60" W, 48" D x 72" W


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