Tile Redi Redi Bench Shower Seat


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Tile Redi Redi Bench® Shower Seat is available in 13 sizes. Identify your Tile Redi Shower Base Depth in order to see the corresponding Seat Dimensions and select.



This shower seat offers a safe and sturdy place to shave your legs, wash your hair, or just relax in the shower.

The Tile Redi Redi Bench® built-in shower seat is not only functional, it also adds an elegant spa look and feel to your shower and bath. Specifically designed for use with Tile Redi shower pans (sold separately), the Redi Bench® is one piece, ready to tile, leak proof, mold and mildew free, and easy to install. In fact, the 1/2″ thick Redi Bench® leg support is designed to be installed directly over the 1/2″ thick shower pan splash wall for a flush look. Once installed, the marble, stone, porcelain, glass mosaic, or ceramic tile of your choice can be set directly to the surface of the shower bench with the included Redi Poxy™ 6lb. Set setting material. No additional waterproofing is necessary. Best of all, there is a Redi Bench® model designed to fit every Tile Redi Shower Pan (sold separately). View all Tile Redi Shower Pans here.

It’s very important as a first step to properly identify the size of your Tile Redi shower pan’s base depth measurement in order to be sure you select the proper Redi Bench® Shower Seat. We’ve added an additional option to this product to help with this. Please find that the shower base depth option you select will make only one corresponding Redi Bench® Shower Seat available as an appropriate Seat Dimensions option for that shower pan base depth measurement. Once both are selected the SKU number, stock availability and the price will be displayed. To select multiple times just use the clear selection link to reset.

RB3012-KIT RB3212-KIT RB3312-KIT RB3412-KIT RB3512-KIT RB3612-KIT RB3712-KIT RB3812-KIT RB4012-KIT RB4212-KIT RB4412-KIT RB4612-KIT RB4812-KIT

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