Rev-A-Shelf RAS-ML-HDCR Heavy Duty Mixer Lift with Wood Shelf Platform – Red Oak


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Rev-A-Shelf RAS-ML-HDCR Heavy Duty Mixer Lift with Wood Shelf Platform. Each order INCLUDES (1) Rev-A-Shelf – (RAS-ML-HDCR) – Heavy Duty Mixer Lift System & (1) HomeProShops brand Red Oak Shelf Platform for the mixer appliance to rest on. Mixer shown in picture not included. The (2) products are SHIPPED SEPARATELY and may arrive at different times by different carriers.

The Rev-A-Shelf RAS-ML-HDCR must be installed in a full-height cabinet with NO drawer above to function properly. It will not work in a cabinet with a drawer.

The Heavy Duty Chrome Mixer Lift and Kitchen Appliance Lift Mechanism is the perfect way to take out and put away a heavy mixer without the backbreaking work of lifting it up and down, or taking up counter space. It allows users to easily bring a large mixer, or other large kitchen appliance up to 60 lbs., to counter height for ease of use.

  • ORDER INCLUDES (1) REVASHELF RAS-ML-HDCR HEAVY DUTY MIXER LIFT (Assist) System & (1) WOOD SHELF PLATFORM – Mixer in Picture is not Included
  • FULL HEIGHT CABINET IS REQUIRED with NO Drawer Above to Function Properly. Spring Loaded System with 3 Tension Settings to Gently Bring a Small Appliance to your Counter Height
  • MADE IN THE USA WITH AMISH HAND CRAFTSMANSHIP: Each and every one of our beautifully finished Red Oak cutting boards are hand crafted by skilled Amish woodcrafters, giving each HomeProShops butcher block its own unique look.
  • BEAUTIFUL EDGE GRAIN LAYUP: Each individual plank is turned on edge so the tight grain and figure are visible along the long edge for the greatest durability and impressive appearance. Each board is trimmable to width and depth for the exact size you need.
  • GREAT PERSONAL GIFT: From food preparation to serving, the HomeProShops chopping block is designed to help ease the process, and a uniquely crafted product like ours makes the perfect gift for any food savvy family member or friend! Cut, Chop, Prepare, Serve, Eat and Enjoy!
  • NSF CERTIFIED WOOD-SAFE: The HomeProShops cutting board is NSF Certified, meaning our product meets the strict standards of public health protection, so you need not worry about the safety of those using the chopping block.
  • SOLID & REVERSIBLE WITH OIL FINISH: Each sturdy, reversible block has undergone a white mineral oil and beeswax application, and the included “How-To Maintain” guide outlines the ease of cleaning and care for your HomeProShops Rev-A-Shelf RAS-ML-HDCR Heavy Duty Mixer Lift with Wood Shelf Platform.

Nature’s subtle beauty has always influenced the unique appearance of all finished wood products. The natural character of the sapwood or heartwood, the graining…and how each layer is handcrafted in the shop will give each block its own unique look. Our fine cutting blocks boast a beautiful Red Oak edge grain layup, where each individual plank has been turned on edge so the tight grain and figure are visible along the long edge for maximum durability and a stunning appearance. In addition, each block is finished with an NSF certified food-safe mix of natural white mineral oil & beeswax applied in our shop.

Handcrafted Olde World Craftsmanship!

Each Rev-A-Shelf RAS-ML-HDCR Heavy Duty Mixer Lift with Wood Shelf Platform has been handcrafted in the USA by skilled Amish woodcrafters. The Amish are well-known for a simple, honest lifestyle and dedication to preserving the skills of the past by passing them through generations of family. Amish craftsmanship is well recognized from simply maintaining traditions like, attention to detail, traditional designs, and use of high quality materials to create best of quality and value. Each product is constructed from solid Maple…kiln dried to shop specifications. The blocks have a natural light color, natural edge graining, and are extremely smooth with tremendous strength.

From food prep to serving, this chopping block is designed to help you chop, prepare, serve, eat, and enjoy. Perfect for use with a variety of foods, whether it be meat, fish, poultry, cheese, veggies, fruit, or appetizers. This exceptional butcher block is perfect as a housewarming, wedding, shower, or holiday gift. Better yet, treat yourself and purchase one of your own!

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Butcher Block & Cutting Board Care Guide is also included, outlining the ease of maintaining and cleaning your HomeProShops product.

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