Accuride 3832 Series Full Extension Easy-Close Drawer Slide


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Accuride 3832 Series Full Extension Easy-Close Drawer Slide. Available in eight sizes and four package quantities.



For over 50 years, the Accuride 3832 Series Full Extension Easy-Close Drawer Slide has been the standard in the industry for kitchen, bathroom, and office cabinetry. Thanks to its sturdy build, it can bear a load of up to 100 pounds without losing functionality, and can be used in drawers up to 16″ wide. In addition, the 3832 Series slides feature ball bearings that allow your drawers to glide smoothly and quietly every time you open or close them.

It is a full extension pull out slide, which enables you to take advantage of your drawers’ maximum storage and access capacity. This zinc-finished drawer slide also features Cam Drawer Adjust, making the installation process quick and simple, along with an easy-to-use disconnect lever and 32 mm and traditional hole patterns.

The easy-close feature allows for a dampening effect upon closure, which brings drawers to a controlled slow and soft close, and also helps in preventing the drawer from being slammed shut. The easy-close mechanism has an automatic reset with a stroke of about 1.75″.

  • Accuride 3832 Series Full Extension Easy-Close Drawer Slide
  • Easy-Close Feature Allows for a Dampening Effect on Closure
  • Easy-Close Feature Brings Drawers to a Controlled Slow and Soft Close
  • 100 lb. Full Ext. Steel Ball Bearing Slide
  • Hold-in Detent Prevents Drawer Roll-Out & Bounce-Back
  • Cam Drawer Adjust – Lever Disconnect
  • Easy Access to 32mm & Traditional Hole Pattern
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

*For best operational use, the correct side space dimension is a critical. The drawer box must be 1-1/16″ smaller than the drawer opening.*

3832EC Technical Sheet

C 3832-C14ECP C 3832-C16ECP C 3832-C18ECP C 3832-C20ECP C 3832-C22ECP C 3832-C24ECP C 3832-C26ECP C 3832-C28ECP

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